Church Ranch History

Church Ranch Westminster CO Hotel

Paying Homage to Church Ranch History

The Denver Marriott Westminster sits on the historic Church Ranch land, originally home to western pioneers, George and Sarah Church. The Church’s were drawn to Colorado in 1861 from their native Iowa as tales of golden riches spread throughout the region. However, mining did not prove successful for the couple and they soon turned their attention to farming, purchasing the land currently known as Church Ranch in 1864 for $1,000 and one hundred cord of wood.

The Church’s quickly turned to cattle ranching but found the dry Colorado climate to be difficult for providing adequate feed for their livestock. Instead of throwing in the towel, George Church secured water rights across the region and carved out several irrigation ditches and reservoirs and was credited as the first to bring water east from the Continental Divide.

The family farm was a success until the late 1970’s when George Church’s 74-year-old son, Charles, was only able to make $7,900 from his wheat crop…before tractor repairs. Due to these financial hardships, Charles decided to put his family’s land up for bid. In 1990, the property became what is now known as the business corridor of Church Ranch Boulevard.

The Denver Marriott Westminster is proud of this unique history and has incorporated several touches to pay homage to the mining and agricultural spirit that helped shape the area. From the décor in our lobby to the offerings at our on property restaurant, Tiller’s Kitchen & Bar, we are committed to welcoming guests with a special touch of Colorado history.