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Acclimating to Colorado Weather and Elevation

Acclimating to Higher Altitudes & Colder Weather

If you’re planning a trip to the Centennial State, adjusting to the higher altitudes could ruin your vacation. At least 25 to 30 percent of visitors can experience symptoms of acute mountain sickness, and 8 to 10 percent for those who visit Denver.

If you’re traveling from a lower elevation, take a few steps to adjust to the higher altitudes.

The “High-Altitude Hangover”

Altitude sickness is your body reacting to lower oxygen pressure at higher altitudes. Symptoms includes nausea, headache, fatigue, and trouble sleeping. If you normally live at sea level, chances are you will, to some degree, experience these flu-like symptoms.

Ways to Support Your Body While It Acclimates

  1. For most, it takes about 1-2 days for the body to adjust.
  2. Stay below 7,000 feet the first day. Denver is exactly one mile—5,280 feet. Our hotel in Westminster is at an elevation of about 5,384 feet.
  3. Drink plenty water and wear sunscreen. One of the first things people notice about CO is the dazzling blue skies. With less water vapor, dehydration and sunburn is more likely.
  4. Eat foods that are high in potassium—potatoes, legumes, and bananas, and avoid overeating.
  5. Approach alcohol with care, and chug H2O between drinks.
  6. If you get sicker the closer you get to the slopes, the most effective treatment is returning to a lower elevation. You may need an extra day or two to fully acclimate.
  7. In rare cases, altitude sickness can become fatal. Symptoms include poor coordination, slurred speech, severe coughing, wheezing, and very severe headache. If you experience any of these symptoms, head to the ER.

Prevent Altitude Sickness

So, if you’re planning a skiing trip, stop by our Westminster hotel in Denver before heading to the slopes. Don’t let fatigue, nausea, and headaches creep into your perfectly planned itinerary.

Take advantage of our Fly In, Drive Our Package, offering you a way to adjust to the Mile High atmosphere before hitting the higher altitude if the slopes.

Our Fly In, Drive Out

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